Buzz Rickson’s M-51 Fish Tail Parka Olive

450.00 €

Classic M1951 Parka,

Oversized so go a size smaller.

Buzz Rickson’s masterfully re-created the M-51 Parka in exacting detail, including all of its many intricate design features such as drawstrings, buttons, and snaps that made it such a versatile favorite when adding clothing layers and adopting the removable liner, not the least being its famous „fishtail“ back.  This copy even features a meticulous re-creation of the famous Crown zipper of the era with all-cotton zipper tape, woolen pocket bags, leather tabs on drawstring on hood, and the all-cotton, dense-weave shell fabric made on vintage looms to precisely match U. S. Army specs., with the overall parka assembly performed on vintage sewing machines.  So perfect is this copy that a vintage removable liner can be perfectly matched to this outer parka.  Truly, this is as close as you can get to owning a genuine M-51 Parka